Planning With A Team

Estate planning is not just a set of documents prepared by an attorney or a plan recommended by a financial advisor. When done properly, estate planning includes both legal and financial elements. But the process may also point out the need to plan in other areas. These other areas may include planning for asset protection, retirement, long-term care or business succession. 

No one professional has all the answers. However, a team of qualified advisors can provide the diverse skills and experience that are necessary to give you the best protection. Instead of consulting with various professionals at different times and stages in your planning, you may find that you benefit from having a team of advisors involved in the process from the beginning. The team approach also minimizes time and costs and requires the advisors to hold each other accountable.

Advisory teams often include the estate planning attorney, financial planner, accountant, and insurance agent. For many of our clients, a consulting forester is also an integral part of the team. Other advisors may also be included, depending on your specific circumstances and needs.