We recognize that we aren’t the right lawyers for everyone. We are here to fill a few specific needs. We provide as much information as possible on our website. We supplement and update that information regularly. There are many other trusted sources of information on estate planning, business, real estate, and other legal issues. Our service is helping you apply that information to your specific facts and circumstances to create and implement a plan to meet your goals.

Most of our practice involves estate planning and administration. We also handle unique real estate issues and represent specific types of businesses. Several factors and circumstances have shaped our practice over time. We didn’t choose our practice areas. Our backgrounds, experience, and interests led us here.

We don’t sell documents. We don’t know what documents you need or what they might include. When we explain that to potential clients, we sometimes hear “. . . well, I know exactly what I need.” If you know what you need, you don’t need us. Our clients want our advice. We can help you evaluate risk, balance the likelihood and potential severity of those problems against what it takes to prevent them, and come to a reasoned determination of the level of protections that you wish to provide your family.

If that doesn’t sound like what you are looking for, that’s OK. We just aren’t the right fit for you. We hope you can use the information that we provide. But if you are looking for a lawyer who will learn your story, join your team, and help you chart a course for the future, we look forward to the journey.