Many people are not interested in estate planning. To the extent that they do any planning at all, they have one objective – do it as simply as possible and minimize the cost. The only reason they come to see us is because someone they respect has repeatedly asked them to come. If you fit into this category, we may annoy you with all of our questions. A simple and straightforward estate plan may be the right prescription for you. But a “simple” plan is a solution, not an objective.

We don’t sell documents. We provide comprehensive solutions to specific issues. We can’t craft a plan for you unless we know what might go wrong and whether or not you care. Everyone has a different tolerance for risk. Our goal is to help you evaluate your risks, balance those risks with the expense and administrative hurdles of preventing those specific problems, and come to a reasoned determination of the level of protections that you wish to provide for your family.

It is not our goal to convince you to plan a certain way or to spend a lot of money on an estate plan. But it is our goal to get you to think about what you are doing. If you want an estate plan that fits your specific needs, we are the right lawyers for you.